The People in Posten and Bring

Defining clear goals and strategies is difficult for every company, but none of this matters if you cannot get the company to move in the right direction.

Posten and Bring (the Nordic Postal Service) have defined their primary objective to become a Nordic, integrated and industrialised corporation with customer focus and execution power. In order to achieve this goal, each employee must strive to innovate and generate new ideas, and high expectations are placed on management at all levels.

Specifique helped Posten and Bring develop an effective program and supportive learning material for managers, in the form of a Dialogue Mat, films, and a digital whistleblowing system.

The Dialogue Mat was used during local management conferences throughout the company (in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden), at all levels, and ensured effective communication and understanding of the company’s goals and strategy, and the crucial role each manager plays for corporate success.