Launching Nespresso

Launching Nespresso

The Nespresso story started with a simple, but revolutionary idea: enable anyone to make a perfect cup of espresso coffee - with exquisite crema, tempting aroma and rich taste just like skilled baristas. Nestlé Nespresso SA took this idea and became pioneers in the segment of "premium" coffee. Today it is easy to see that Nespresso succeeded.

Nespresso's challenge in the first few years was to launch the brand and a completely new concept for shops around the world. How to get sales people in the different store chains to shift focus and mindset from selling filter coffee machines to (n)espresso machines? How to give sales people an understanding of the coffee culture and knowledge of the history of espresso and, not least, how to create an understanding of Nespresso's positioning and unique selling points?

Specifique Norway, in cooperation with Specifique France, developed a two-phase learning process. The biggest challenge was to get the attention and time of busy sellers in large retailers. Specifique developed a three-hour certification program for selected stores that had undertaken to sell the Nespresso system. Sales staff from different stores were invited to explore the new Nespresso system and work through two different Dialogue Mats. In small groups, participants learned about the origin of coffee, the characteristics of espresso, what is needed to make a good espresso, and finally introduced the Nespresso concept with all its benefits. During the second part of the workshop, participants developed their own sales arguments based on how they had understood the concept.

Within 6 months, several thousand sellers in six countries had participated in Nespressos workshops. They underwent a new interactive training program that was time-efficient, fun, dynamic and involving. Most of all, the program helped everyone understand how to succeed with Nespresso's ambitious sales strategy. Today, Nespresso is the market leader in almost all countries in which they are represented.

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