– Our digital learning tool

Diggle is an online tool designed and developed by us at Specifique, based on more than 25 years of experience from facilitating change and development processes. It has a pedagogical approach based on documented methods.

Diggle combines basic poll functionality for easy interactions with more advanced features designed for facilitating discussions and workshops. In groups or for individual use.

We will supply you with ready made templates, process descriptions and best practice based on years of experience, so that you can easily involve and develop both your people and your business. Diggle can be customised to your needs, either with or without our assistance.

Want to know more? Go to Diggle’s own website.

When to Diggle



Share content and participate in discussion using any advice. Show live results and gather all inputs for later use.



Give your larger audience a voice! Ask questions and have people respond on their own device.



Invite people to work together to bring forth new ideas and sustainable solutions.



Run your Diggle live in webinars, using your preferred video conferencing system.

Polling and micro surveys

Målinger og undersøkelser

Gather input and feedback in a flash! Regular feedback on various topics helps you understand your business and identify areas for improvement.



Give participants the opportunity to answer questions prior to meetings or training sessions. Manage expectations and gain insight into peoples thoughts and ideas.