The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate: Digital transformation

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate’s main goal is to contribute to the greatest possible value creation for society from the oil and gas industry through efficient and sound resource management. An important strategic ambition is utilising technology, and a common competence platform is considered a prerequisite for realising the company’s digital strategy. Therefore, in 2019, the development of a training program was initiated to strengthen the digital competence of all employees within the organisation.
The objective was clear: the training program had to be relevant, engaging, and utilise modern pedagogy and technology in its design and implementation.
The training program consisted of two parts, where part one was mandatory for everyone, while part two consisted of five voluntary skills and competence modules.

Part one was to be carried out as a physical assembly, consisting of dialogue mats, films, introduction and individual tasks.

Due to Covid, the assembly was turned into a webinar where participants used Diggle as a common reflection tool in groups, and introductions and short discussions were conducted in plenary, facilitated by Specifique. In part two, internal employees from various departments pair-wise, with the assistance from consultants, organised and developed the training sessions (agenda, pedagogy and content) for their colleagues. This ensured that the academic content was relevant in practice. Diggle was an integral part of this.
The training program was well received by the client and is described as an important first step towards building a joint competence platform in the company’s digital transformation.
It contributed to increased understanding and knowledge among employees. It also lead to positive attitudes towards digitization and what this transformation can mean for the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate as a whole. This project was delivered by Specifique and A2.