Skill Development at Red Cross

The Norwegian Red Cross is a humanitarian movement based on volunteer work. Their purpose is to detect, prevent, and alleviate human suffering and distress and to advocate for human respect without discriminating based on nationality, race, religion, social class, or political beliefs.

The Red Cross’s training department continuously develops the skills of its volunteers. This target group consists of ordinary people wanting to contribute to society. The organization’s need was for a tool that allowed the trainers conducting workshops and seminars to easily and efficiently build content promoting knowledge and experience sharing.

But how can such a global movement, powered by everyday people from all walks of life, ensure that every volunteer is best equipped for the task?

The answer was Diggle – Specifique’s proprietary digital learning platform. Diggle has proven to be a highly effective tool for group learning, which perfectly suited the Red Cross’s needs. The tool is deemed simple and effective for training volunteers, being both cost-effective and easy to use.

Adapted to the needs of large groups, Diggle gave the Red Cross the ability to effectively teach, guide, and inspire their volunteers. Not only does the functionality meet the client’s needs, but the user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness have made Diggle a success among the trainers.

The feedback from the Red Cross is that Diggle functions as it should - as a simple and efficient learning tool that facilitates interactive group learning.

In April 2023, a workshop was held in Gardermoen where the volunteers also got to try out Specifique’s analog learning tool – the Dialogue Mat. The goal of the workshop was to simulate willingness to change, highlight responsibility, and come up with specific measures to enhance the work of the Red Cross. The workshop encouraged reflection, collaboration, and initiative generation to reinforce the crucial work the volunteers do.

Following the workshop, the collaboration between the Red Cross and Specifique continues, constantly seeking innovative ways to elevate the skills of those on the frontline of humanitarian aid. The aim is to leverage the efficiency of Diggle as a learning tool even more and amplify the impact of the Red Cross’s skill development program.