Strategic alignment in NRK

To maintain its position as Norway’s leading broadcaster, NRK has defined six core areas for excellence. These strategic priorities are set to permeate the entire organisation, requiring leaders at all levels to align with a common vision while also grasping their unique contributions to its execution.

NRK (the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) is the Norwegian government-owned radio and television public broadcasting company, and the largest media organisation in the country. NRK broadcasts three national TV channels and thirteen national radio channels. The organisation is also the founding member of the European Broadcasting Union.

Practical goal-setting and implementation demand strategic agility to ensure seamless coordination across the organization.

Leaders from levels 1 to 3 were engaged in shaping, interpreting, and operationalizing the strategy during a key event — the Strategic Leadership Arena — in December 2020. Here, insights gathered from individual prep work were synthesized and refined through a dynamic interplay of plenary sessions and smaller group discussions.

Subsequently, leaders at levels 4 and 5 were briefed on the strategic framework during two large assemblies, each comprising 150 participants, in April 2021. These gatherings featured expert talks on management principles. Notably, real-world opportunities and challenges encountered by levels 4-5 were revisited and deliberated upon by their level 1-3 counterparts, with special attention given to COVID-19 management in May 2021.

One of the critical success factors was effective communication and the mobilization of leadership teams. Concurrently, the management was open to feedback and adjustments to modify the strategy further. Each assembly incorporated a mix of individual and collaborative tasks, both prior to and during the event, with a professional facilitator overseeing the alignmentwork and governance of the strategic parameters. Acknowledgment of participants’ contributions was a cornerstone of the process.

Specifique played a key role in shaping both the content and perspective of the agenda, providing technical support, and fostering active interactions between the plenary and group discussions.

Diggle served as an important tool, utilised prior to and during the assemblies to communicate key messages and to collect data and feedback for continuous improvement.

Despite the digital assemblies stretching between 4-6 hours, the workshop received overwhelmingly positive feedback, attesting to the effectiveness of the content, format, and methodologies employed.

The strategic alignment forms the basis for the realisation of NRK's new strategy and will be implemented in the fall of 2022.