Digitization in the Railway Industry

Rytec AS is a Norwegian consultancy firm based in Oslo that offers consultancy services within the transport sector in Scandinavia. In addition to advisory services, the company provides training, education, locomotive operator services, and chief safety officer roles. They have staff with extensive experience from rail-related operations and emphasize knowledge transfer in their philosophy.

Specifique first encountered Rytec through a former employee at NSB’s (now Vy) competence center who had participated in the Central Training project. The mission was to develop a competence center for railway employees.

The challenge was obvious: How to digitize knowledge in an industry where safety is of the utmost importance?

The railway industry navigates a sea of strict regulations and safety requirements. There is a constant focus on competence development to ensure safe and efficient operations. However, with a workforce spread across Norway, how can one ensure effective and cost-efficient access to critical training?

The answer was a digitization process. Specifique introduced Rytec to Diggle, our custom-built digital learning platform tailored to their needs. With Diggle, training could be carried out both physically and digitally, well-integrated with Rytec’s existing systems. The solution incorporated an examination module to test participants’ knowledge. Completing this was essential for the course approval.

The developed training program aims to ensure safe and skilled workers across the country.

Its intent is to uphold traffic and electrical safety during the design and execution phases when working with or near the railway’s infrastructure. There is also a focus on safety measures for all types of work and construction and a robust risk assessment in everyday operations. Emphasis is also placed on collaboration and communication to ensure the daily safety of all employees. The program was developed in close collaboration with Bane NOR, responsible for the operation, maintenance, and construction of railways throughout Norway.

In 2023, plans began to further develop the training program. By combining the strengths of Diggle with the digital learning tool Miro, the goal is to elevate the training to a new level. With Miro, the client can easily develop even more interactive scenarios, aiming to offer a more visual and engaging learning experience.

So, what can we expect from Rytec in the future? With their digital arsenal bolstered, they are poised to ensure that Norway’s railways remain safe, efficient, and future-ready.