Revitalization of values in is a well-known and central actor in a constantly changing market. But how do you master the art of maintaining FINN’s identity when strategies, ambitions and the competitive environment constantly requires new thinking and innovation?


During FINN’s annual employee kick-off, Specifique contributed through a combination of engaging and interactive exercises on Dialogue Mats and tablets. The group work was conducted in a large workshop where participants were placed in groups of 8. Specifique designed a dialogue mat that illustrated the FINNverse through ambitions, actors, and value systems.


Participants utilised iPads combined with Dialogue Mats to discuss various challenges and solutions related to FINN’s values. The solutions were later presented on a big screen to generate discussion and reflection across the tables.


Additionally, the digital solution ensured that useful data was gathered and created involvement and (if possible) even more commitment among all FINN’s employees!