Ferd – Cookbook for Social Entrepreneurship

Cookbook for Social Entrepreneurship

Ferd is a family-owned Norwegian investment-company committed to value-creating ownership of businesses and investments in financial assets. In addition to the group’s purely commercial activities, Ferd has an extensive involvement in social entrepreneurship.

In November 2015, FERD arranged the Social Entrepreneurship conference in The Opera house foyer in Oslo. 370 people participated, including private investors, government employees, politicians, nonprofit organizations, students and a wide range of social entrepreneurs.

During the conference, Jan Tore Sanner (H), the Minister of Local government and Modernization in Norway, announced that his department would take responsibility for creating a "cookbook" on social entrepreneurship, with frameworks, tips and good examples of cooperation between social entrepreneurs and the public sector.

Specifique contributed with both technical and educational content to engage participants in dialogue and discussions, both around the tables, across the foyer and with facilitators on stage. All information was digitally stored, and formed an important part of what went on to become the cookbook for social entrepreneurship.

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