Culture and values in Hurtigruten

Hurtigruten’s vision is to be the world’s market leader of discovery voyages.

In 2014-2015, Hurtigruten implemented a repositioning strategy, which would, among other things, establish new and high demands for the corporate culture.

Specifique assisted in Hurtigruten’s culture project, which was named “We@Hurtigruten”. 

The project was supposed to shift the brand experience for both customers, potential employees, partners and other stakeholders to fit the new positioning strategy. The target group for the project included every employee, manager and shareholder in all levels of the company.

Initially, Specifique developed a pedagogical concept for all the managers in Hurtigruten, where the main focus was a revitalised strategy and new ambitions. We carried out two conferences in Tromsø with approximately 400 participants, using digital task and dialogue tools.

Subsequently, we developed a Dialogue Mat that emphasised the underlying values for each individual choice employees make in their everyday lives, in order for the company to reach its goals. The dialogue mat was utilised in a number of workshops for all company employees over the period of three months. These workshops created a deep and consistent understanding of goals, ambitions and values – operationalized for each individual employee’s unique position.