#Snillsnakk (#Nicetalk) – anti-bullying and online awareness

The Norwegian Directorate of Education wishes to prevent and reduce bullying among teenagers and has granted funds for increasing anti-bullying measures in upper secondary schools. Østfold County Council has seized this opportunity, and student and apprentice representative, Henrikke Bugdø-Aarseth, is leading the initiative.
In collaboration with Østfold Country Council, Specifique has created an a training course in online awareness/anti-bullying called #Snillsnakk (#nicetalk)

The concept has three primary learning objectives:

  • to increase teenagers’ knowledge of cyber security

  • to increase insight into how students can reduce their own vulnerability on social media

  • to increase understanding of behavioural consequences
The program consists of four parts, and is completed over the course of an entire school years during the 1st year of upper secondary school. The students are involved both individually and in groups, and are asked to solve tasks that emphasise attitudes and arouse curiosity.
Tools utilised include dialogue mats, films, and an interactive survey. Teachers are very much involved – for instance in class, where they introduce and follow up the various parts of the program.

In 2017, #Snillsnakk (#Nicetalk) was carried out in Østfold County Municipality for the third year in a row, and has contributed to greater awarenes surrounding online awareness of teenagers’ online habits, and the awareness of behavioural consequences.