PwC – Understanding and compliance of ethical guidelines

Acting according to ethical principles and values is essentially a matter of awareness.
All PwC units and employees are subject to a “Code of Conduct” (CoC). These ethical guidelines are based on PwC’s values, which are specified in various areas. Specifique’s mission was to create an understanding of, reflection about, and integration of CoC among employees in PwC Norway. The project targeted two main employee groups: Associates and Senior Associates.
We based the program on reflections and discussions regarding everyday actions, both at work and outside the office. Not all behaviours are specified through standards, laws, regulations and guidelines, which created the basis for our approach. We chose to tackle the challenge by simulating potential scenarios and situations where acting according to the CoC would be especially important, but was often forgotten or not considered. The program focused on ethical behaviour towards colleagues, customers, and other stakeholders. A dialogue mat was developed for each level in the hierarchy.
For Associated, we emphasised individual awareness around the CoC, as well as how to increase dedication and compliance with the framework. For Senior Associates, the focus was on how each employee should act as a CoC role model for colleagues and overall ethically responsible behaviour.
Each participant developed their own action plan that illustrated what areas he or she should focus on moving forward. The action plans were communicated to the respective managers, and are incorporated into the annual employee review.