The Power of Tight-Loose-Tight

How to implement a global leader philosophy during a pandemic?
In the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, Telenor has been at the forefront of leading a flexible working environment.

The company has established the Tight-Loose-Tight (TLT) principle, where you must ensure close (tight) follow-up, establish expectations and provide direction, be flexible (loose) in giving managers and teams freedom when solving tasks, and then closely (tight) follow-up and ensure learning.


In short, TLT leadership has arisen via agile theory, where the focus is leading through clear goals, ensure greater extent of cross-functional teams, and exercise greater degrees of trust and freedom. The ambition of this philosophy is to lift an already well-functioning company to new heights and new markets through better management, increased transparency, and more room for exploration.

So how do you get managers to understand and change their behaviours, in order to be able to realise this principle? And how do you ensure that all top management groups within the company feel joint ownership of this philosophy, especially in a time where the pandemic limits physical presence?

Diggle was chosen as the main platform for the project, where both preparatory work and leadership workshops were held. During a time where physical meetings were close to impossible, this solution worked very well, and several management groups have already adopted and utilised the methodology.


In February 2021, Telenor invited 120 of its top managers to a two-day event, where Diggle was used for live input on important topics. Along with other tools, Diggle provided a fun and interactive method for virtual information sharing among colleagues.

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