KS / NAV – Reducing sick leave

Reducing sick leave

KS and NAV are collaborating to help reduce sick leave rates in 25 municipalities in Norway.
In close cooperation with the client, we have developed a pedagogical program with two main purposes:

Strengthen leadership skills
We developed a dialogue mat for use in workshops in all municipalities. The dialogue mat is designed to show the links between leadership and reduced sick leave, as well as creating dialogue and actions that support the municipalities work to ensure a permanent reduction in sick leave.

Establish employee ownership and responsibility
We also developed a dialogue mat for the workplace.The leaders themselves were responsible for facilitating this dialogue mat within their own departments, as well as ensuring follow-up of actions afterwards.

Four months in, more than 1,000 leaders have participated in workshops with dialogue mats and about 12,000 employees will attend workshops in their own department. The feedback has been very positive, especially the value of discussing how sick leave affects “my workplace" and how to collectively build a culture where everyone feels competent and motivated to go to work.

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