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Specifique helps companies succeed with their various change and organisational development initiatives by respecting the most important part of any change process; involving and engaging the people who are affected.

Our methodology is based on many years of experience, and our belief is that the most effective way to learn is through interaction, engagement and collaborative dialogue. Our solutions are used in a number of areas such as strategy implementation, culture and values, HSE, leadership, sales initiatives and innovation.

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Bilde av Petter. Han utarbeider konsept og pedagogisk innhold i læringsløsninger.

Petter Engelstad

Managing Director
+47 906 68 635
[email protected]
Bilde av Lars. Han utarbeider konsept og pedagogisk innhold i læringsløsninger.

Lars Pedersen

Partner / Senior Consultant
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Bilde av Linn. Hun utarbeider konsept og pedagogisk innhold i læringsløsninger.

Linn Vibran

Senior Consultant
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Bilde av Vidar. Han designer læringsløsninger.

Vidar Hofmo Bjølgerud

Senior Graphic Designer / Advisor
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Grethe Bentsen

Graphic Designer
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Bilde av Adrian. Han utvikler digitale læringsløsninger.

Adrian Helvik

Full-stack Developer
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Bilde av Ali. Han utvikler digitale læringsløsninger.

Ali Abouaid

Full-stack Developer
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Frédéric Audeoud

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Lars Eirik Korsgaard Hansen

Full-stack utvikler
+47 988 99 117
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