What we do


At Specifique, we address both intellect as well as human emotion to spark the learning process. We tailor solutions that enable businesses to evolve and create lasting change.

Have a look at our projects to see how we work, and see more about our methodology below.


An interactive analogue tool where employees work together in solving exercises covering a certain topic. It is highly efficient in getting the message through, it enforces collaboration and the retention of the learning content is higher than most other forms of training.

  • Bilde av dialogduk i gruppelæring - organisasjonsutvikling

A tailored engaging learning experience using tablets. The greatest strength is the ability to gather, analyse and profile data both during and post sessions. This functionality has the possibility to generate real-time dialogue based around key topics, thoughts and ideas. The tool allows interaction for both small and large groups with live polling, data gathering and display via mobile technology.

Efficient and engaging learning through gaming. This technology exploits humans natural motivation to compete, collaborate and learn at the same time.

Based on the idea of group learning, Diggle™ is an engaging digital tool making it easy for the clients themselves to run courses and events. You can choose from a range of interactive exercises and run them on multiple devices simultaneously. During the course, participants are presented with instant results from their collective work. Skip consultancy fees - just do it yourself!