Norwegian Media Authority – Digital Judgement

Requests for online courses and lectures are increasing rapidly. Many educational institutions have expressed the need for more knowledge regarding parents as mentors and role models for children online, and request tools to help conduct constructive and sufficient parent conferences about this topic.


The student representative in Buskerud and the Norwegian Media Authority have therefore joined forces to create a beneficial dialogue tool. The purpose is to promote conversation and involvement around the topic “Digital judgement and parents as mentors and role models for children”.


The program is intended for meetings and events for parents with children in primary school, primarily 2nd and 3rd grade – before the children become frequent internet and social media users. Within this group of parents, it can be particularly useful to discuss how to become better equipped to handle, engage and involve themselves in their children’s digital habits.


Digital judgement with parents as role models

The tool is called a Dialogue Mat, and is designed to promote digital competence among parents through dialogue and increased awareness instead of through traditional lectures. Two different dialogue mats have been developed for two different parent conferences a few months apart. The reasoning behind this is that parents get to gain experience they can bring back to the group. The educational process can be led by chosen representatives from the school, such as a teacher or parent representative.



Norwegian children are active internet and mobile users at a very young age. This provides positive opportunities for learning and well-being, but also exposes children to possible risks they are simply not mature enough to handle without the support and guidance from adults. At the same time, many parents feel uncertainty when it comes to their children’s digital lives and the platforms they use. Therefore, parents are asking for advice and information about how they can promote positive online participation.


Key information about the dialogue mats:

  • For use at two parent conferences. Designed for parents with children in 2nd and 3rd grade.
  • Addresses, among other things, the following topics around children’s digital lives: Privacy, Online behaviour, Control vs. freedom, Age limits and Unpleasant content.
  • Can be carried out by representatives from the chosen school (process training is recommended).
  • Municipalities are encouraged to cooperate on the implementation of training and/or ordering Dialogue Mats.
  • Complementary guides are included.


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