“Der Skoen Trykker” – Working together towards a better environment

Building a good working environment requires trust – between colleagues, between managers and employees, and between managers, safety representatives and employee representatives. We are all responsible for contributing to the development of a good working environment. This is the starting point for the methodology behind “Der Skoen Trykker” (“Where it hits”), which has been developed at Sørlandets hospital.

As a part of the industry program IA in hospitals, Spekter wanted to make the methodology available for all Norwegian healthcare institutions.

The original method is based on resource-intensive process management. The ambition of the project is to translate a supervisor-intensive development process into a measure that can be implemented without (much) external assistance. With good experience from the KS project “NED”, where dialogue mats were used to discuss working environment and absenteeism, Spekter contacted Specifique for help.

As a supportive measure for the development process, two dialogue mats, various forms of digital registration and/or feedback loops, information material and an internet-based resource database were created. Dialogue mat 1 focuses on mapping out the working environment, while dialogue mat 2 specifies measures based on the mapping process.

It can be difficult for everyone from each department to attend physical meetings (for instance due to scheduling). Therefore, all employees get the opportunity to comment on the final report that the external supervisors create based on the mapping process. Further, a recommendation is made based on a prioritised list of issues that needs to be handled. Based on this recommendation, you go through a step-by-step process of developing and concretizing measures. This result is used by the manager, the employee representative and the safety representative as a basis for creating an action plan.

The website (www.derskoentrykker.no) functions as both an information channel, as well as an idea and knowledge bank. Additionally, appointed supervisors at the various institutions have their own platform where material, implementation guides, tips and tricks, and various forms of ordering functions are gathered.